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Practice Transformation for Physicians and Health Care Teams

This Practice Transformation site, formerly called Better Diabetes Care, is designed to help physicians, health care professionals and health care administrators across the country who want to change the system of health care delivery around diabetes. NDEP believes that practice change is essential to provide the type of evidence-based care recommended by the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model to effectively manage diabetes, prevent its serious complications, and delay or prevent type 2 diabetes. The PCMH incorporates dimensions of patient-centered care presented by the Institute of Medicine and the Chronic Care Model. This site is organized according to those dimensions.

Practice change is made up of a relatively small number of specific interventions that are interrelated. These changes are reflected by the principles of the PCMH that are becoming the centerpiece of efforts to reform U. S. health care and improve the value of primary care. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are playing a large role in reforms and the PCMH principles are being incorporated into ACOs.

The content of this site is based on current, peer-reviewed literature and evidence-based clinical practice recommendations. This site provides models, links, resources, and tools to help physicians and health care teams initiate and maintain quality improvements in their health care practice. The NDEP Practice Transformation Task Group has recently overseen the complete revision and update of the site. The task group is made up of volunteers from a number of health care professional and government organizations who have expertise in practice transformation and development of the PCMH. NDEP does not endorse any information that appears on the site. Tools and materials are revised and updated as new appropriate information is identified.

To make significant contributions to your organization’s practice transformation efforts, it is important to understand the process for change as well as to identify new tools and the methods for implementing change. This site will help you conduct these tasks. You may skip around within the site, choosing topics as they interest you, or progress sequentially though the topics.

The National Diabetes Education Program thanks the following people for giving their time and expertise for this project. Without their help, the Practice Transformation for Physicians and Health Care Teams resource would not be possible:

Marie Brown, MD, FACP, task group chair
David Cook, MBA, C(ASCP)cm, CPEHR
Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD
Mary Jo Goolsby, EdD, MSN, NP-C, CAE, FAANP
Richard Grant, MD, MPH
Carol Greenlee, MD, FACP
Kelly Moore, MD
Michael Parchman, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Kevin Peterson, MD, MPH, FRCS(Ed), FAAFP
Margaret Powers, PhD, RD, CDE
Todd Prewitt, MD
Doron Schneider, MD
NDEP Staff
Pamela Allweiss, MD, MPH
Joanne Gallivan, MS, RD
Diane Tuncer
Elizabeth Warren-Boulton, RN, MSN

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