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Review National Surveys and Major Clinical Research – a selection of studies that guide the National Diabetes Education Program

National surveys that track health status and health care delivery

Published major clinical research

Actions to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (ACCORD)
Action in Diabetes and Vascular Disease: PreterAx and DiamicroN MR Controlled Evaluation (ADVANCE)
Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)
Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)
Look AHEAD (Action for Health in Diabetes)
  • Pi-Sunyer X, Blackburn G, BrancatiFL, et al.: Reduction in weight and cardiovascular disease risk factors in individuals with type 2 diabetes: one-year results of the look AHEAD trial. Diabetes Care 2007; 30(6): 1374-83.
  • Wing RR: Long-term effects of a lifestyle intervention on weight and cardiovascular risk factors in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus: four-year results of the Look AHEAD trial. Arch Intern Med 2010; 170(17): 1566-75.
TODAY (Treatment Options for type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents & Youth)
  • Zeitler P, Hirst K, Pyle L, et al.: A clinical trial to maintain glycemic control in youth with type 2 diabetes. N Engl J Med 2012; 366(24): 2247-56.
United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS)
Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial (VADT)

Studies in progress

DirecNet Diabetes Research in Children Network is a group of clinical centers conducting research on the potential use of continuous glucose monitors and their impact on the management of type 1 diabetes in children.

Look AHEAD Action for Health in Diabetes is a multicenter randomized clinical trial to examine the effects of a lifestyle intervention to achieve and maintain weight loss over the long term through decreased caloric intake and exercise. The trial completed enrollment of 5,145 obese patients with type 2 diabetes in 2009. At study entry, participants were randomly assigned to one of two interventions: Lifestyle or Diabetes Support & Education. They will be followed for up to 11.5 years.

TEDDY The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young is an international study in six clinical centers looking for the causes of type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). The study will identify infectious agents, dietary factors, or other environmental agents, including psychosocial factors which trigger T1DM in genetically susceptible individuals or which protect against the disease. Click here to find summaries of related publications to date: http://teddy.epi.usf.edu/documents/pubsummaries/TEDDYPublicationSummaries.pdf

TrialNet Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet is an international consortium working to advance the science of prevention and early treatment to preserve residual insulin secretion in type 1 diabetes. A clinical trial network of researchers in several countries are conducting clinical trials to test new ways to prevent type 1 diabetes and to preserve beta cell function in people who already have type 1 diabetes. Click here to find summaries of related publications to date: www.diabetestrialnet.org/publications/publications.htm