CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  NIDDK - National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

NDEP is a partnership of the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and more than 200 public and private organizations.

  • October is Health Literacy Month.
    NDEP's plain language resources can help you make diabetes messages clear and simple.
  • September 15 - October 15
    is National Hispanic Heritage Month!
    Share information about how to manage diabetes or take steps to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.
  • NDEP's Promoting Medication Adherence in Diabetes web resource can help health care professionals support medication-taking behavior by modifying their approach on an individual and a system level.
  • NDEP's updated online toolkit, GAME PLAN for Health Care Professionals, can help health care teams counsel and support patients at risk for type 2 diabetes.
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Messages, videos, media releases, and other tools to help partners spread the word.

What's New

The National Diabetes Education Program has updated its popular GAME PLAN toolkit to help health care professionals identify, counsel, and support patients at risk for type 2 diabetes.
October Partner Spotlight
Diabetes Educator Links NDEP’s Diabetes HealthSense to Improved Patient Outcomes
September Partner Spotlight
The Road to Health Toolkit Hits the Border City of El Paso, Texas
July Partner Spotlight
NDEP Partner Elizabeth Venditti, Ph.D. Relies on NDEP Resources to Support Lifestyle Change
Four key steps to help you control your diabetes and live a long, active life.
You can take small steps to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes and live a healthy life.
Managing diabetes effectively is complex and requires a team approach.
You can make a difference in diabetes prevention and control by taking an active role with NDEP.

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