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NDEP is a partnership of the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and more than 200 public and private organizations.

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Task Groups

NDEP Task Groups are small groups of NDEP partners convened to accomplish specific projects or tasks in support of NDEP’s 5-year strategic plan. As Task Groups complete their charge, Task Groups are dissolved, but Task Group members are encouraged to remain in the NDEP Partnership Network.

When new Task Groups are formed, the NDEP will reach out to its Partnership Network to solicit nominations based on criteria established for a particular task. Partners with experience related to a specific task are encouraged to self-nominate – or nominate other individuals who can contribute to the work of the NDEP Task Group.

Task Groups and members are appointed by the NDEP Executive Committee. Task Groups are led by a volunteer chairperson, and report to the Executive Committee.

As of January 2014, NDEP Task Groups include:

DiabetesAtWork Website Task Group

Goal: to package the various elements of the DiabetesAtWork site to increase their use by public and private partners in the business and health strategy world. The task group is expected to complete its development work by spring 2014. By summer 2014, NDEP staff will have launched an implementation and promotion plan.

Diabetes HealthSense Task Group

Goal: Update, review and maintain the resources of the Diabetes HealthSense tool. Identify resource gaps and explore ways NDEP can enhance promotion of this web resource through stronger partner engagement. By June 2014, NDEP should have new and updated resources available and a plan for addressing gaps and more effective outreach and evaluation.

Guiding Principles Task Group

Goal: to deliver an updated Guiding Principles for Health Care Professionals document that is supported and promoted by NDEP stakeholder groups and other organizations. The writing task group has completed a draft, organization and Federal agency review and endorsement will occur across the Winter/Spring and a final document is projected for release by the spring 2013. By summer 2014, NDEP staff will have launched a promotion plan.

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