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NDEP Survey Finds that Most People See Diabetes Risk Factors for Others, Not Themselves

The National Diabetes Education Program conducted its second national survey among adults in 2008 to learn about their knowledge, attitudes and practices relating to diabetes. NDEP learned that while many people are aware of diabetes risk factors, such as family history, there is still a disconnect between people’s perception of what creates risk, and their personal risk for diabetes.

Among the findings is the good news that more people are aware that diabetes can be prevented. Now we’d like to see more people understand their own risk factors and take action to prevent the disease.

NDEP encourages everyone to know their risk for type 2 diabetes and to take the risk test. Visit the links below for more information about the survey and relevant NDEP resources.

For additional information, please contact Diane Tuncer, NDEP Deputy Director at or 301-451-3380.


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