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August Partner Spotlight

The Michigan Diabetes Partners in Action Coalition Uses NDEP Resources to Create the “Make a Move” Initiative


Michigan Diabetes Partners in Action CoalitionThe Michigan Diabetes Partners in Action Coalition (DPAC) is a partnership of approximately 100 individuals and representatives of organizations who work to reduce the impact of diabetes in Michigan. Members of DPAC are individuals with diabetes, those with an interest in diabetes, or representatives from organizations who work closely with diabetes or a related health issue. DPAC’s mission is to provide statewide leadership to prevent and control diabetes and reduce its impact in Michigan.

Outreach and Promotions

Using NDEP resources, DPAC launched a statewide “Make a Move” diabetes awareness initiative to encourage Michigan residents to make healthy lifestyle changes to better manage or prevent diabetes. The initiative consists of four taglines that are released throughout the year: 1) Make a Move: Know Your Diabetes ABCs; 2) Make a Move: Learn More about Diabetes; 3) Make a Move: Small Steps Can Prevent Diabetes; and 4) Make a Move: Just Walk More Today! Each of the taglines is supported with messages and materials from NDEP’s diabetes campaigns.

Michigan Diabetes Partners in Action CoalitionFor example, to develop its “Make a Move: Small Steps Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes” tagline, DPAC used NDEP’s “Small Steps, Big Rewards. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes.” campaign resources to craft clear, captivating messages and materials about diabetes prevention. Additionally, DPAC offered NDEP’s diabetes prevention publications – such as the Small Steps. Big Rewards. Your GAME PLAN to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes booklet and food and activity tracker – as supporting educational information for the initiative.

DPAC engaged its statewide membership network to promote and implement the initiative in local communities. In addition to providing NDEP resources, DPAC created a media toolkit including public service announcements, press releases, and sample social media messages. Michigan Diabetes Partners in Action Coalition DPAC also developed promotional items that could be distributed to local communities such as pens, bags, bookmarks, and note pads. Members were encouraged to tailor media items to promote local events and participation in diabetes education activities, such as National Diabetes Prevention Program offerings across the state. DPAC also promotes the initiative through its website as well as other online activities, including an infographic, e-newsletters, e-mail blasts, and Facebook.


DPAC evaluates the initiative and use of its “Make a Move” materials through quarterly surveys to its membership network. Members consistently report that the materials are critical to reaching people in their communities affected by diabetes. DPAC and its members also report that, in particular, the “Make a Move” promotional products and the Facebook posts are very useful channels for connecting with people beyond DPAC’s network, raising awareness of DPAC and the “Make a Move” initiative, and sharing NDEP messages and activities.

To learn more about the “Make a Move” initiative, visit or contact

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