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December Partner Spotlight

The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics’ Diabetes Care & Education Group Collaborates with NDEP to Offer & Promote Diabetes Webinars

The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics’ Diabetes Care & Education Group Background

The Diabetes Care and Education Group (DCE), a practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, works to empower DCE members to be leaders in nutrition and diabetes education, management, and prevention. As leaders in the health care community, DCE members make positive contributions for people with diabetes and their families, the DCE membership, healthcare providers, other professional organizations and industry partners.

Outreach and Promotions

The Academy and DCE practice group are long-time partners of the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) and support the NDEP through a variety of leadership, strategic planning, and promotions activities. For example, DCE regularly promotes NDEP’s Quarterly Webinar Series to more than 2,000 members via their electronic mailing lists. Many of DCE’s members and NDEP partners are health care The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics’ Diabetes Care & Education Group professionals who seek out continuing education opportunities to stay abreast of the latest advances in diabetes care and prevention. Similar to NDEP, DCE offers frequent educational webinars to its members.

Last Fall, DCE invited NDEP’s partnership network to attend its webinar, “Exercising on Insulin – Staying in Balance,” featuring exercise physiologist Sheri Colberg, PhD, FACSM. DCE waived the registration fee for NDEP partners and offered continuing education units. The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics’ Diabetes Care & Education Group This partnership activity helped DCE reach a broader audience and allowed NDEP partners to participate in and earn credits for a webinar that they may not normally have access to. NDEP and DCE plan to continue to work together to host or cross-promote webinar opportunities related to diabetes prevention and management.

Additionally, DCE promotes NDEP’s diabetes patient education materials – such as NDEP’s Your Game Plan to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes and 4 Steps to Manage Diabetes for Lifeon their website on an ongoing basis. The materials are co-branded with NDEP’s and DCE’s logos. Since NDEP’s materials are credible, pretested with target audiences, and easy-to-read, DCE can rely on using and promoting NDEP’s resources instead of creating their own.

For more information about DCE’s activities, please contact Ann Constance, MA, RD, CDE, FAADE, at or visit To learn more about NDEP’s Quarterly Webinar Series, visit

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