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September Partner Spotlight

Hispanic/Latino Work Group Members Use NDEP’s Road to Health Tool Kit to Reduce Diabetes Risk in U.S.-Mexico Border Region

NDEP’s Road to Health Tool Kit

The U.S.-Mexico Border Diabetes Prevention and Control Project, the first study to consider the whole U.S.-Mexico border as one epidemiological unit, aims to reduce the burden of diabetes among people with type 2 diabetes living in the region by developing and implementing strategies in collaboration with the 10 Border States, and conducting activities in two related and chronological phases:

  1. Development of a prevalence study and identification of risk factors, and
  2. Implementation an intervention for diabetes prevention and control.

NDEP’s Hispanic/Latino Work Group (H/L WG) chair Rosalba Ruiz-Holguin, M.D. is the program director. For the past year, Rosalba and Martha Londoño – an NDEP Road to Health (RTH) tool kit co-author – have been providing trainings using the tool kit to community health workers (CHWs)/promotores in the region. The CHWs/promotores will implement a family-based intervention to provide diabetes primary prevention education classes to families at risk for type 2 diabetes. Inspired by the photo journal component of the RTH tool kit, the trained CHWs/promotores are currently developing their own photo journal to capture their testimonies and lessons learned while being trained. In addition, the Mexico Health Secretariat, represented by Agustín Lara, M.D., also an H/L WG member, is adapting the tool kit to address the needs of the Mexican population.

For more information visit the U.S.-Mexico Border Diabetes Prevention and Control Project website or contact Rosalba Ruiz-Holguin.

AmerisourceBergen Develops Diabetes Kits and Includes Co-Branded NDEP Resources

Amerisource Bergen and the Diabetes Shoppe

Since November 2009, AmerisourceBergen Corporation has incorporated NDEP resources in its Diabetes Shoppe® program for pharmacists serving patients with diabetes and their families. AmerisourceBergen Corporation, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical services companies, created its Diabetes Shoppe program to help independent pharmacies better serve their patients with diabetes. Diabetes Shoppe provides specialized training to pharmacists and staff to ensure that they have the knowledge and expertise about diabetes supplies and products, medications and lifestyle issues that affect patients every day. Located in 1,400 community pharmacies throughout the country that are locally owned and operated, Diabetes Shoppe provides simple diabetes information, quality products and individualized support to help patients manage their diabetes.

Diabetes Shoppe provides its member pharmacies with promotional packages that include diabetes resources both for the pharmacist and his or her patients. AmerisourceBergen has co-branded three NDEP resources in the first year of this partnership: Diabetes Numbers At-a-Glance, included in a special kit created for National Diabetes Month in November; a diabetes risk test, timed to coincide with Diabetes Alert Day in March but designed for use throughout the year; and the foot-care brochure, Take Care of Your Feet for a Lifetime, included in a package for new Diabetes Shoppe members and promoted to existing members. The NDEP and AmerisourceBergen teams continue to explore opportunities for NDEP resources to support the Diabetes Shoppe outreach.

For more information about AmerisourceBergen’s Diabetes Shoppe program, contact Ceci Zeigler L.P.N., National Director, In Store Pharmacy Solutions, in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania at (610) 727-7344.

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