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NDEP’s Team Care

NDEP Releases Updated Edition of Redesigning the Health Care Team: Diabetes Prevention and Lifelong ManagementTeam Care

NDEP’s Redesigning the Health Care Team: Diabetes Prevention and Lifelong Management (Team Care guide), provides practical resources to help health care professionals and organizations implement team care for people with diabetes.

The guide contains:

  • Evidence that supports team care as a component of effective diabetes management
  • Steps for forming and maintaining a successful team
  • Case studies demonstrating real-world team care in traditional and nontraditional settings

Team care is a key component of health care reform initiatives that incorporate an integrated health care delivery system, especially those initiatives for chronic disease prevention and management.

A team approach to diabetes care can help reduce risk factors for type 2 diabetes, improve diabetes management, and lower the risk for complications. Health care professionals should collaborate with colleagues to provide comprehensive diabetes care to improve health outcomes.

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