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August Partner Spotlight

The Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers Uses NDEP Resources to Host a Workshop in Support of National Minority Health Month

Outreach and Promotions

August Partner Spotlight Image #1: The Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers In observance of National Minority Health Month in April, the Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers, through the Washington Community Health Workers/Promotores Network (WCHWN), coordinated and co-sponsored a “7th Annual Spring Intensive Training for Health Promoters and Community Health Workers.”

The 2 1/2 day event – which included various workshops, presentations, and activities – provided training on core competencies and skills promotoras need to effectively do their job, including organization, documentation, evaluation, and coordination skills. There was also training to address emergency preparedness, labor rights and health insurance options in Washington State, and diabetes prevention. During these trainings, attendees learned basic but core information about how to communicate what they learned to the communities, and where to get additional information and assistance.

August Partner Spotlight Image #2: The Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers This year, Betsy J. Rodríguez conducted a live webinar presenting NDEP’s new Do it for them! But for you too. (¡Hazlo por ellos! Pero por ti también) fotonovela and strategies that NDEP has created to reach and educate the Latino community. The fotonovela was created to educate Hispanic/Latina women who are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes themselves and whose family members are at high risk.

Additionally, Francisco Arias-Reyes, a Health Services Consultant at the Washington State Department of Health Heart, Stroke, and Diabetes Program, conducted an interactive workshop using NDEP’s The Road to Health Toolkit, which addresses prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Evaluation & Lessons Learned

The event attracted a diverse group of 68 community leaders from seven community health centers, one hospital, three government agencies, and 10 non-profit organizations. Participants included health workers, health promoters, coordinators, agricultural workers, outreach workers, and health educators.

Following the webinar featuring NDEP’s Do it for them! But for you too. fotonovela, attendees read the story and shared their comments about the resource and how they plan to use it in the future. Many people commented that the resource is easy to understand, teaches people how to care for their community, family, friends, and provides ideas for how to teach. Attendees also responded positively to The Road to Health Toolkit workshop. Many people expressed that the toolkit was very useful and that they would share with friends, family and the community.

Some lessons learned from this event include:

  • Ensure that participants can apply what they have learned. A balance between theory and practice can be very effective.
  • Educational technology training webinars can be very effective; however, it is better in person.
  • To ensure success, these workshops must be planned and designed very carefully. It was worth the effort planning The Road to Health workshop and the webinar-premier of the new NDEP fotonovela.
  • A successful implementation begins and ends with a successful partnership!

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