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National Diabetes Education Program

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  • This web-based program is for health care professionals and any other professionals who work with older adults. It provides education on important aspects of medication adherence in older adults and encourages collaboration to identify, resolve, and prevent medication nonadherence in older adults. Multiple tools and resources are provided.

    American Society on Aging and American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation

  • This handout provides information about diabetes and steroids and how people with diabetes can cope with high blood sugar caused by steroid use.

    Family Health Care Center

  • This website provides information on how stress impacts health along with steps to take to stay emotionally balanced and lay the foundation for complete wellness.

    American Psychological Association

  • Achieving optimal medication-taking behavior is a collaborative process of communication and understanding between patients and their health care teams. Health care professionals can improve medication-taking behavior in their patients by modifying their approach on an individual and a system level. The National Diabetes Education Program has compiled the resources on this website to support health care professionals in promoting medication adherence among their patients and within their teams.

    National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)